Stacie specializes in: 

Flawless Natural looking Air Brush foundation / Precise Color Matching / Custom designed Looks / Natural Lash Applications / Pro Long 15 hour wearing Makeup / In studio - On location services / Professional hair recommendations

Stacie Ford

Q. How long have you been a professional makeup artist?

SF.  I have been a professional makeup artist for the last 15 years.I have worked in all forms of  beauty/fashion, print, television, runway, Bridal, commercial & video.
I love working with weddings because of the sense of beauty I find in it. Its a very special day and an honor to be a part of it!
Q. What type of pro Services do you offer?

SF. I offer natural professional Airbrushing foundation or pro liquid foundation. I use only premium luxury makeup products that I know and trust delivering maximum quality benefits with long wearing durability that looks completely natural in person and on camera. I design a custom look for each and every client, offering precise color matching and natural lash application. Every bride also receives a complementary essential Stacie Ford touch up kit for her big day. In studio or on location services are also available.
Q. What sets you apart from all other makeup artists/ Why should I have you do my makeup?

SF. That's a very good question and one you should always ask for with such an event as your wedding. Working as a professional makeup artist in the Fashion/Beauty industry for many years I have always had to be at the top of my game. That's means consistently doing makeup in a flawless manner, having a good eye for color, knowing shape and dimension, being able to create any look and impressing even the toughest critics. Having this type of extensive experience and background enables me to know what works and doesn't work instantly. I take my job very seriously and truly love what I do, it matters to me that your happy and your having a great experience. In doing makeup for weddings, you have to know the right types of products to use, its not your simple go to the mall and get a makeover look. Its has to hold up for many hours, look flawless and read well into the camera and most of all.... look fresh as if you had just done it an hour ago.! Mastering your craft is really the key to being a great makeup artist, constantly learning and growing is what will keep you at the top, having passion and love for what you do is what will set you apart.
Q. What types of Weddings have you done?

SF.  Wow..quite a few and they all have been so much fun, taking something special from each one of them with me. I have done weddings all around the world from the the most upscale and elite wedding venue in Tuscany, Italy to a beautiful country farm wedding in Vermont. Every wedding is special and unique in its own way. It's the people that make the experience and the love that they share with their family & friends that I remember most.
Q. Do you do hair as well?

SF.  No, I prefer to focus 100% on my makeup artistry skills and believe that this should be handled by two separate artists for an occasion such as a wedding. Not only because I believe its too much to take on, but this way, each artist is giving their complete and undivided attention to each equally important step in achieving the look.
Q. Can you Recommend a great Hair Artist for me?

SF.  Absolutely, I work with several outstanding hair stylists and can recommend one to fit your needs. They come highly recommend and I have personally worked with  each of them and know their work ethic and talent.

Stacie Ford

Q. Do you just do Makeup for weddings? 

SF. I divide my time between the fashion/beauty & wedding industry and giving expert advice to various magazines and blogs. I usually work on photo shoots in either fashion, beauty or commercial during the week and do weddings on the weekend.
Q. What types of makeup looks can you do?

SF. Working as a professional makeup artist, I am constantly being exposed to the latest trends in fashion,  new colors, textures and many types of looks. I can do all looks, everything from a very classic & soft natural look to something sophisticated, modern, elegant, smoky eye, edgy, Retro, editorial and so on. Its important for the bride to remember that these photos will be around for a long time and to really take the time to think about the look she may want to see 20 years from now when she goes through her photos.
Q. What is Air Brush Makeup? Does it look and feel natural? 

SF. Airbrush makeup is actually the most natural looking and natural feeling foundation that can be applied when its done professionally by a well trained artist. I use a particular Airbrush makeup that is a extremely natural, long lasting and non comedogenic that has hi-definition technology behind it and feels feather light on the skin. It's ultra fine mist is dispersed through a airbrush gun that is powered by a compressor. It's breathable texture is light and can be customized to control the amount of converge needed, from sheer to medium to full. It looks extremely natural in person and gives off a flawless finish in pictures. It withstands heat, humidity, tears and sweat and will never end up on your dress or groom. I use natural primers to prep the skin first, achieving a healthy hydrated glow, then apply the airbrush foundation for a radiant natural finish. I also offer traditional foundation and use a variety of luxury beauty products from Armani, YSL, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry beauty.
Q. Do you recommend a trial before the wedding day? 
SF. I think a trial is always a good idea, but its not always mandatory, but it does give us choices, a day to play and to experiment with different colors before the wedding which is always a good thing.
Q. How do I go about booking you for my wedding?

SF. I require a deposit of the total amount agreed to hold the date, along with a agreement that we both sign. The deposit is applied to the total cost and the remaining balance is due the day of the wedding.

Stacie Ford

Q. How far in advance do I need to book a makeup artist for my wedding?

SF. You usually want to start searching for a makeup artist anywhere from 6 to 12 months prior to your wedding date.I personally tend you get booked up a year in advance, so I strongly suggest doing a trial sooner than later if you really like the artists work. 
Q. What are your Rates?

SF. My rates are very reasonable with great package prices. Each rate is different depending on the size of the party and location. Just send me an email so we can discuss.
 Q. How far can you travel for work?  Do you charge any travel fees?

SF. Iv'e traveled as far as Italy for work so there is really no limit to where I go. I do charge a travel fee depending on the location and distance.
 Q.  When and Where do you do the makeup trials?

SF. Makeup trials are done at my Makeup studio located in Manhattan . The makeup studio has pro lighting  and a professional set design. The studio is very convenient to all forms of transportation. 
Q. How long does a makeup trial take? 

SF. A makeup trial usually takes about an hour and a half. This is when we meet and discuss all the details of your wedding and do the makeup application to see what works best for the big day!

Stacie Ford

Q. What should I expect from the makeup trial?

SF. At the makeup trial we will discuss all the details of your wedding day such as, location, time of wedding, when you need to be ready for photos, your dress and hair style. I will look at your complexion, face shape and features and then discuss the vision of how you would like to look on your wedding day. Based on that information, I will lead you in a direction that will complement you to look your best self on your wedding day. I will show you different styles to choose from and we will also take a look at any makeup reference material you may have brought with you. We will then do the the makeup application
and try on a few looks.
Q.  what should I bring with me to the trial?

SF. I would definitely bring a swatch and/or photo of your dress along with any makeup reference material ( magazine, photo, book) you envision on yourself. Makeup tends to be interpreted differently through words so a photo showing me what you like speaks a thousand words. It not only tells me what you like, it lets me know your comfort level and style.
Q. How many people in the wedding party can you accommodate?

SF.  I can accommodate up to 4-5  people on my own. After that we should discuss the option of bringing on an additional assistant to help with the timing of the day. This can be added on as a single Flat rate. 

Q.  How long does each makeup application take?
SF.  I always give the bride 1 1/2 hour for makeup and about 40 minutes for each additional makeup application. This sets aside a little wiggle time if we need to catch up on anything.
Q. Will my makeup hold up all day into the night?

SF. Absolutely, A true professional makeup application will last hours. I use key products to prep & prime the skin on the face and eyes for long lasting tear/sweat proof durability.
I also give every bride a Stacie Ford Essential touch up kit with lip color, powder and/or blotting papers and applicators so you can freshen up.  Everything you need to stay gorgeous looking all night long!
Q. Do you stay with the bride through photos and ceremony? 
SF. Yes I can and a lot of brides love the idea of having me stay wit them as their personal makeup artist through photos and ceremony. This however is an additional flat rate charge added to the price of the package.I do however always try and make sure to touch up everyone in the party before I pack up and leave for the day...that's no extra charge, just my service to you.
I hope to work with you soon!