Ford Fans


Stacie is a true. professional makeup artist. She made me and all of my bridesmaids feel extremely special and look stunning. She not only has extraordinary makeup skills, she is a beautiful person inside and out. I was very lucky to find her and have her be a part of my wedding day!

- Victoria Goldman | New York City
Stacie is a  passionate, highly talented and organized professional who goes out of her way and beyond to achieve 200% client satisfaction!  She totally blows your mind away with her outstanding integrity, skilful artistry and generosity.  My award winning wedding photographer, Elisabeth Millay highly recommended Stacie for my bridal make up except I didn't want a typical ordinary plain boring "bridal" make up.  I expressed my 'edge to be different' to Stacie and she was more than eager to fulfill my wish.  This would not have been possible if it wasn't for Stacie's confidence and experience in this field.  Since I was in Australia (planning my wedding in NYC, God help us!) and Stacie was from New York City I had to solely depend on emails which Stacie never failed to reply, always promptly within 12hours (even if they were small silly questions) despite our time difference!  She is totally reliable and responsive and gained my trust and eased my anxious mind instantly!  She asked me to send a picture of myself so she could STUDY my facial features in advance and pictures of my interest.  Her professional feedback was always positive and her 'everything is possible, dare to be different!' attitude was most encouraging as we courageously proceeded through!  With her astounding expertise she skilfully fused the bright colors with gentle hues and I was more than ecstatic!! Wow and the feeling of breaking free to be different just like what I and Stacie set out to do is exhilarating!! Woo hoo~ She is very considerate and generous with her time and service price.  She generously offered to help me with touch ups during the day for our 5.5hr photo shoot which was very much needed for little extra.  My husband and I were deeply touched by her generous and kind soul. Thank you Stacie for making my dream come true!! Lots of love, Agatha xoxoxo.

- Agatha Kim October| Sydney, Australia
There are no words that can describe my experience I had with Stacie. I was what you would call a nervous bride, unclear with what I wanted and what type of look I was going for. From the moment I met stacie, I felt comfortable with her and knew I was in good hands. She was able to reccomend a great look that matched my personality and comfort level. I felt pretty and like myself, but just a better version of it. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for after all.

- Casandra LeSposa | Brooklyn, New York
Stacie Ford is an incredible and versatile makeup artist.  She has a way of appreciating the wishes of her clients while simultaneously helping them to step out of their comfort zone.  She is able to create a fresh and individual look for each person sitting in her chair.  Her ability to make someone feel comfortable and beautiful is a real gift.  Stacie helps you let your guard down and just enjoy the experience.

- Elisabeth Millay Award Winning Photo journalistic Wedding Photographer| Santa Rosa, California 
Stacie was amazing.  I had tried out several make up artists before finding her and she made everything so easy.    I could show her a look from a magazine and she could easily explain what about it would or wouldn't look good on me.  She took the time to work with me so I could get all the what-ifs out of my system and be confident that I was going to love what I saw on my wedding day. I also found that more so than any other make up artist I tried, she really listened to what I wanted, which happened to be something a bit more editorial than bridal.   Stacie always responded to all of my emails, answer all of my questions and even helped me find a hair stylist.  It's hard to express what an immense help Stacie was throughout the whole process.  I still receive compliments on how beautiful I looked and how stunning my make up was.  She made me feel relaxed while still being completely professional - and not to mention fun.  I cannot recommend her enough.

- Katie Courson | New York, NY


I hired Stacie to do my makeup for me and five of my bridesmaids. Everyone was very pleased with her makeup and the way they looked. Stacie went above and beyond as a makeup artist. She even helped me get into my dress and do my nails! I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a makeup artist for their wedding.

- Jennifer Kennedy | Boston, Ma
The first thing I noticed about stacie was how much she loved her job as a makeup artist. She pays attention to details and is so precise in her application and technique. You can tell she takes pride in her work and that it means something to her. Theres no doubt she has a God given talent and was meant to do this. All I can say is..hire her!

-Faith Woods |Long Island, NY
What can I say about Stacie Ford, She's an amazing make up artist for sure, made me look  and feel like a star, I felt so good that day, as she puts on make up she gives quick lessons with no extra charge, she's fun and her make up is flawless, I was also given a lip kit for touch up which I loved. Booking her again for some other events I have coming up. Thank you again.

- Laiali Shadeaha| Montclair, NJ
Having my makeup done by Stacie Ford was a true pleasure. She did an outstanding job on me and my mother. She genuinely cares about the views you express and she listens to your needs.  I enjoyed working with her as she has a pleasant personality and is a delight.

- Olivia Westmore |Greenwich, Ct
It was fun working with Stacie Ford. She has an outgoing personality and great energy thats makes the whole experience a joy. She showed me several different looks and picked out colors I would have never dreamed would look good on me. She has a real eye for color and knows what looks best. Her makeup lasted all into the night and I got so many compliments..thanks stacie!

p.s. thanks for the cupcakes..they were so yummy!

- Abigal Richards | East Hampton, NY 
After working with stacie on my wedding day I could not think of anyone I would have wanted to work with more. Even after two of my bridesmaids were almost an hour late getting back to the hotel, stacie acted like a total pro and never once got upset or made me feel bad about keeping her there longer and backing her up. She showed such professionalism and did such an outstanding job with everything. I was very pleased with my makeup and the way it came out. I have hired her a few times since the wedding to do my makeup and have always loved it...she's a gem.

- Kathern McCully June, 2010 Washington, DC